our goal is simple:

We want you to love your surroundings. 


Surround Design is passionate about creating refreshed traditional interiors that function seamlessly within your modern lifestyle.


With an eye for detail and a twist on the classics, 

Surround Design will compose custom interiors to set your home apart.




Christine Kommer is the Owner and Lead Interior Designer at Surround Design. Working with clients to refresh traditional interiors in an innovative and functional way is Christine’s forte.  With a love of color and a splash of patina, Christine effortlessly brings chic yet timeless designs to life on each of her projects.


A trained lawyer with a keen eye for style and detail, friends began seeking Christine’s assistance to transform their houses into homes with that unidentifiable “something.” Born of these friends’ requests, Surround Design officially launched in late 2017 and has quickly gained loyal followers who reach out to Christine for her inimitable sense of composition and fresh take on the classics. 


Between her ability to resolve unique design challenges and her sophisticated and modern perspective, Christine has poised Surround Design to become one of Cincinnati's newest additions to the interior design scene.

Christine Kommer, Interior Designer






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