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Keep calm and carry on!

I miss seeing so many of you in this uncertain time in which we are required to practice self-isolation.  I hope each of you are well and taking a peaceful moment to yourself every now and then.  I look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this!  In the meantime, please stay well and enjoy some of my ideas and tips for using design to create a calm and peaceful environment…

Although most people probably think of whites and neutrals as the only way to have a tranquil environment, think again – if a color speaks to you, then it can be even more calming than a room clad in only whites and beiges.

photo courtesy of collins interiors

But on the topic of beige, it is NOT a dirty word.  While gray swept in and replaced beige in the number one neutral spot, beige has its place and should always be considered for your spaces.

Using botanical prints or other prints with a natural bend helps to soothe the soul and bring a sense of calm.

Selecting a soft color, such as a pastel, and using it in layers throughout a room can add dimension and a sense of calm to most any space.

photo courtesy of suzanne kasler

Let in the light and capitalize on any views you have to remind yourself that you are a part of this big world and that life carries on. And with that, I wish you a fantastic week.  Keep calm and carry on!

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