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Let Surround Design walk you through a typical design process and common questions.

Can you explain how the design process works?

Trust is the key component to making the design process work smoothly. You hired Surround Design so that we can guide you and provide you with our inimitable look - so trust in the process and your project will be a smashing success. 


With that as the backdrop, the first step is a phone conversation with you to learn about the scope of your project and to familiarize you with Surround Design and how we work. We will then schedule a consultation to come on site to further assess your project and begin brainstorming creative ideas and design concepts for your space.


Following our initial consultation, we work closely together to create a timeline for completion, a list of priorities and action items and then we get to work to make your space the perfect surrounding for you and your family. 


As with any professional relationship, the key to a smooth running project is communication and keeping information flowing. For example, if we stumble upon a backordered fabric, Surround Design will work with you to make sure you understand the new timeline, or source an alternative fabric to keep your timeline on schedule. We want you to feel comfortable approaching us with any concerns or questions and we promise Surround Design won't stop until you are happy. We love our clients and want them to be thrilled with the result of our work, so we will be sure to always stay in touch to make sure that's the case for you! 

What is the typical timeline for your design services?

That's an excellent question, and the answer is - it absolutely depends. If you are ordering custom furniture, you can expect anywhere from 8-12 (or more) weeks for those items. In-stock trade fabrics usually arrive about two weeks after order and depending on the quantity and size of your project, you can estimate several weeks for fabrication of your items from our workroom partners. Painting, carpentry, tiling, or any other "trade" work is all schedule-dependent, but rest assured that Surround Design will work as hard as possible to expedite your project in a way that will get you quality and lasting results.


Again, it all comes back to communication and Surround Design will be sure to always keep you in the loop regarding the timeline of your project. 

I have never hired a designer and have no idea how much my project should cost. What should I budget?

Setting a budget is a crucial step for any design project. So crucial, in fact, that we simply cannot get started without having one. Unfortunately there is never an easy answer to this question, but we urge all of our clients to be realistic and open about their spending desires and limitations. 


During our initial consultation, you'll be provided with Surround Design's hourly rates, and based on the scope of your project, we can help you ballpark how many hours your project may take. That should give you a good sense of your "designer" budget. As for furniture, fixtures, fabrics, etc., these items can range in price tremendously. But in order to help you arrive at your personal budget, Surround Design will: assist you in listing out the items and trades people that your project will involve; provide you with estimates and pricing on various items; and always keep you informed about costs and how the project is progressing in terms of your budget.  Our goal is for you to never be caught off-guard.

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