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Cupid’s colors - designing with pink and red

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day week! In Cupid’s season of red and pink, let’s talk about how to incorporate these brighter colors without it looking like your room is straight out of a cartoon or far too feminine for a man to step foot in. Here are a few things I, an admitted lover of color, have learned along the way about these stronger hues:

Get comfortable with the idea of incorporating pinks and reds. I like to remind people who are squeamish about these colors that pinks and reds are everywhere in nature, and at no point do you feel overwhelmed by them. So, be brave and take a risk (but read on to lesson #2 below).

A little goes a long way. With brighter colors, don’t start with a pink bedroom with red accents – add accents instead. For example, try a floral or geometric pattern for throw pillows that contains reds and pinks but does not make them the main focus, or use a pink seat cushion in an otherwise non-pink space.

Work in threes. I like to have my brighter colors (pinks and reds included) in groups of 3s and spread throughout the room so that your eye naturally circles the entire room…a pop of pink on your sofa throw pillow, a crimson blanket thrown over the back of a chair, fuchsia details in an oil painting. I personally like to work in odds so it’s not so matchy-matchy.

Remember muted tones. Just because you have committed to the idea of pinks and reds, don’t forget that there are a million softer and muted tones of these colors that can be used, even in large doses and still not overwhelm a room: blush, coral, rust, terra cotta to name a few.

Think of unexpected places to use these colors. One of my favorite rooms in our house has a very soft pink ceiling…so soft and subtle that it took my husband years to realize it was pink. The blush tone above makes everyone look healthy and happy and creates a great ambiance even if no one exactly notices the canopy overhead. You could consider a bespoke lampshade featuring one of these colors, or the trim on your throw pillows or window treatments, or the welting or back of a dining chair. The sky is the limit and pairing these bright colors with unconventional design placement can be stunning!

So, whether you decide to add a splash of pink and red into your décor or just decide to put your Valentine’s Day roses on the dining room table for a week – I hope that you have a very happy day and feel much love from those that surround you.

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