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Get your home game ready!

When you have two Duke graduates in a house, and a son who is a rabid basketball fan, March Madness is somewhat of Holy Season. While I admittedly get a little annoyed when football is on in the background, Dick Vitale’s voice is somehow immune from this annoyance. So assuming you haven’t escaped to Vegas for the month, what are some go-tos for making your home game-day ready? Here’s my bracket:

photo credit: M&M interior design

Swivel Chairs. You all MUST look into these. Not only do I have the fondest memories of spinning in them until I was sick and my grandparents’ and parents’ house, but they are by far the most practical piece of furniture I have ever invested in. They are just so good - and I encourage clients to always consider them in their family rooms. The best part is that so many companies offer swivels as an option, so you’re not limiting your selections by making this a must-have.

I understand that the TV is the central piece of this Holy Season, really I do…but I personally am not a fan of looking at a TV at every given moment. My answer was to enclose our family room TV in built ins. Of course this meant limiting the size of our TV, but let’s be honest, no one wants a crick in their neck from a theater-sized screen in a normal human-sized room.

Or if you’re not one to hide the tube, then just embrace it and put your TV front and center and make it a focal point as we did here by surrounding it with a custom mantle detail:

Trays should be a staple in your house, but especially at game time.

You can use them to corral any type of object, set up a little vignette, or have snacks and drinks that are easily transported from kitchen to court-side.

tray can be purchased at Jayson Home & Garden

Portable furniture, as in stools, storage ottomans, light chairs or even floor pillows are all so very useful. Sometimes people truly want to sit on the floor, but that case is rare, so when your entertaining a crowd for game-day, make sure you can at least offer everyone a place to sit!

photo credit: M&M interior design

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