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It's Black Friday! Add a touch of black to your home decor

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I am guessing you don’t need me to tell you where to spend your money on this Black Friday, so how about some tips on how to decorate with black? Some people have a fear of decorating with black thinking it will be “too goth,” “too glam” or “too stark” – especially in the era of light and airy décor, where shiplap and hygge are buzz words.  These are all legitimate fears. But as your wardrobe goes, so too should your home.

Take the little black dress concept to your home and even where your room’s vibe is bright and casual, don’t forget to ground the room with a splash of black.

How does a beginner add some black?  Try non-permanent décor items, like the black in an animal print pillow or even black and white photographs on the wall.

One of my favorite tricks is to add black lamp shades to chandeliers or lamps (especially in dining rooms).

When you’re feeling more courageous and ready to commit, remember that a black and white scheme never goes out of style and is always chic.

Black in your fixtures (lighting, cabinet or even plumbing) can add a modern spin, even when in a traditional space.

A single piece of black furniture in an otherwise light and airy space adds some drama while not being over the top.

And black reverse trim is never a bad idea!

So when you’re out shopping this Black Friday, don’t forget to pick up a touch of black for your home too!

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