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10 ways to hit refresh on your home in 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

A new decade is upon us and something about the symmetry of 2020 has everyone feeling good about what lies ahead!  So, start yourself off on a bright trajectory with these 10 easy ways to hit refresh on your abode!

#10 – Move your furniture around (even to other rooms).  Just because you put a piece someplace when you moved in does not mean it is glued to the floor or that you got it right the first time.  You can always move it back.

#9 – Create vignettes – I use groupings of three items on tables or bookshelves that are not the same, but that have a theme running through them. Swap these out with regularity.

#8 – Purge your kids’ toys.  Every. Month. Especially now when everyone is back in school and cannot fight you on what goes in the give-away pile.

#7 – Pick up the paintbrush…every 6 months I touch up the walls in my house to get rid of scuffs, scratches and smudges. It takes an hour on a Saturday and makes a tremendous difference.

#6 – Purchase some new houseplants. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, a good houseplant will outlive a bouquet of flowers and can be just as beautiful!

#5 – Swap out family pictures…have a 10 year old but your photos around the house make it seem like you have a newborn?  Time to refresh and update!

#4 – Pull out serving trays and use them creatively – catchalls for mail, keys, etc. or corralling items on your nightstand or on your bathroom vanity. I really can’t get enough of trays!

#3 – Get a fresh set of towels for your master bath.  Nothing is better than a new, fluffy towel. Literally nothing.

#2 – Swap out your decorative pillows – this is the easiest and least expensive way to really change a room. Start with a summer and winter set.

#1 – Stock your bar, not just with wine and booze, but with peanuts, potato chips or other snack items that can be pulled out for an impromptu get-together in the new year. And pour yourself a glass, not only for surviving the holidays but to celebrate the goodness to come in the new decade!  Cheers!

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